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Certifications and Trainings

Certifications and Trainings


Acanthosis Nigricans (required)

TX Risk Assessment for Type 2 Diabetes in Children (TRAT2DC) 

(certification and reporting)


Hearing and Vision (required)

Region 18 Education Service Center (training)

DSHS Vision and Hearing Screens (information)

DSHS Child Health Reporting System (CHRS) (also Spinal/ Immunization) 



DSHS Immtrac2 User Training

DSHS Immunization Schedules


Medication Administration

DSHS Guide to Medication Administration in the School Setting


School Health and Related Services (SHARS)




Sam’s Law 

(seizure training/ Epilepsy Foundation)


Spinal Screens (not required)

email Sylvia at (training)

DSHS Spinal Screening Program (information)


Stop the Bleed

Usually, the fire department has someone or knows someone, that can come for training.


Upcoming Trainings at Region 18