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Educational Field Trip Opportunities

Name of Organization: Organization Website (if applicable): Name of Contact Person: Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: Educational Category Available (check all that apply): Description
Bush Family Home State Historic Site Troy Gray 432-685-1112 Arts/History Visitors would get to see the house that boasts 2 presidents, 2 state governors, and a first lady. The house was lived in by the Bush Family from 1951-1955 and visitors would get to learn about the Bush Family as well as see a house with items from the 1950s post-WWII generation.
Petroleum Museum Mara Bland 432-683-4403 STEM, Arts/History The Petroleum Museum offers students a fascinating trip through the history of the Permian Basin through the artwork of Tom Lovell, along with a multitude of science and technology experiences. Our new STEAM Education Center offers outdoor opportunities for students as well.
Arts Council of Midland - Executive Director Danny Holeva 4326871149 Arts/History ACM has quarterly art exhibitions, an outdoor sculpture garden, and art studios. Specialized tours and activities can be reserved for students.
Museum of the Southwest Kim Henderson 432-770-3080 STEM, Arts/History, Other Explore our universe in the Marian West and William Blanton Blakemore Planetarium, which offers star talks and dome shows, Coterra Science on a Sphere, and educational exhibits. The Fredda Turner Durham Children's Museum provides numerous learning opportunities for all ages along with traveling exhibitions and long-time favorites (such as My Town), there are new and exciting things to see each time you visit! The Turner Mansion offers museum history along with some of our permanent art collection and the Lissa Noel Wagner Art Museum offers many incredible traveling exhibits of art and 12 different featured artists in 2023.
Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center Stephanie Rivas 432.552.4432 Arts/History Our facility is owned by the University of Texas Permian Basin and privately managed by ASM Global. The students will have an opportunity to tour the 81 Million Dollar facility, hear about the University Music Department, see all things back of the house including artist dressing rooms, green rooms, production rooms and stand on the stage. Students will sit in the theatre and listen to a short presentation about how we bring cultural activities and national touring productions to West Texas and end with a Q&A.
Martin County Historical Monastery & Sisters of Mercy Academy Regenia Hunt 432-466-5669 Arts/History Students will experience a palatable experience of the Carmelite Monks that established the first community, religious entity, and education opportunities between Ft. Worth and El Paso in 1882. The students will also learn how the Sisters of Mercy continued the establishment of community, religious and traditional education in the newly formed communities and surrounding areas. The pioneering spirit of the Carmelite Monks and the dedication to education from the Sisters of Mercy that are an important and integral part of West Texas history; especially the area between Ft. Worth and El Paso, which will be emphasized.