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General Information


School superintendents are the CEO's of school districts. They are responsible for making important district decisions, leading district planning, budget development, staffing, and many other day-to-day operations. Region 18 ESC's goal is to support superintendents by providing the skills, supports, feedback, and training they need to make their districts successful.  We facilitate regional superintendent meetings and round-table discussions in addition to mentoring new superintendents. 


Region 18's Leadership and Superintendent Support team understands each district has unique needs.  We recognize and provide necessary support and professional development to help ensure superintendent success as well as keeping superintendents aware of trending topics and issues involving education.  We also provide board training to help superintendents build their district's "Team of 8".  Region 18 ESC strives to meet regularly with superintendents to better understand their district's needs and help connect them to valuable resources and services for their schools.