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Coody, Lesli

Dyslexia Consultant


Lesli Coody is the Dyslexia Consultant of Region 18 Service Center. Before being named Dyslexia Consultant in July 2021, Lesli was a Dyslexia Therapist in Ector County ISD. Lesli was also employed bv the JPW Learning Center in San Angelo as an Instructor of Certified Academic Language Practitioners and trained teachers all over the State of Texas. She is a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist by the State of Texas as well as a Certified Academic Language Therapist. During her career as an educator, Lesli has served as a Dyslexia Therapist, Trainer of Take Flight for ECISD, presenter at various professional development on Reading, Reading Recovery teacher, classroom teacher, and TPRI trainer of trainers. Her professional experience includes service in Alice ISD, San Antonio ISD, and 30 years in Ector County ISD. Regardless of the challenges, Lesli loves training teachers as well as working with students with dyslexia. Lesli earned her teaching credentials through Texas Tech University.

Work Phone:
(432) 567-3260