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Program Implementation


The TEA Emergent Bilingual Support Division is continuously developing program implementation resources for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to utilize in providing effective bilingual education and English as a second language (ESL) programs for emergent bilingual students that meet and exceed state requirements.




English as a Second Language Implementation Resources




ESL Rubric 

ESL Scoring Tool 

ESL Stakeholder Checklists


Transitional Bilingual Education

Implementation Resources


TBE Rubric 

TBE Scoring Tool

TBE Stakeholder Checklists


Texas Effective Dual Language Immersion Framework


DL program


DLI Success Criteria & Self-Review Score Card (xlsx)

Dual Language Immersion Levers:

  1. Leadership & Family and Community Empowerment
  2. Program Model & Design
  3. Staffing & Professional Development
  4. Lesson Planning & Methods
  5. Curriculum & Resources